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230765_143705582364376_1426918_n_no_dateConcrete Paving

From parking lots and sidewalks, roadways to buildings, concrete is a major player in a site’s design – which means it’s an element you need and Blessing Construction paves them all. No job is too big or small. Our employees can also stamp concrete, integrating it with your landscaping needs. This brick design provides a tastefully landscaped area for years to come.


Big or small, no structure stands a chance against our demolition crew. If you need something torn down, we can get it done quickly and efficiently with the least amount of inconvenience to you. Our demolition crew cleans up as they tear down, and can haul in fill dirt and grade the site to your specifications, leaving no trace of the structure torn down. Blessing Construction is also a “green” company, recycling all possible materials from demolitions.

sitePrepSite Preparation

Whether you need material taken out, hauled in, or both, Blessing Construction is the one to call. With clay, dirt, and crushed concrete stockpiled, and the equipment available to place it, your site can be ready to build on in no time.

ripRapRecycled Concrete and Asphalt

Concrete rip rap is pieces of broken concrete used in erosion control of all types, such as bank stabilization in creeks, watershed ditches, sewer lagoons, and recreational lakes and rivers. Rip rap must be angular in shape to allow interlocking between the various pieces of concrete.

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